“Because we are all champions within our own goals”

Only one more day until the official launch of iungoSport, the new sport app of 2017! Click here to witness the launch on January  2017 and become part of a social network for people that have at least one thing in common: passion for sports.

Congratulations! You are one of the first believers in iungoSport, the sport application that connects people through their passion for sport. You believed in us, supported us and tested iungoSport as we took our first steps to bring alive a mobile app that unites people and celebrates the beauty, fair-play and respect within the sports we all love. Thank you for being there with us.
Iungo is Latin for ‘to connect’, which is the real essence of this app. We hope that in the future iungoSport will connect you with more people and more sports. Starting this January 1st, we are officially launching the app and bringing it to life amongst the people, so we can create a big sport community that will only grow in the future. Whether you swim, cycle, dance, skate, run, golf, dive or whatever sport you prefer, we hope you can do it with many old and new friends, creating new connections and learning new ways to love our sports.
Keep sharing your passion with others, because we have a lot of exciting things planned for a sportive 2017! In one day we are officially live to bring you closer to other people with the same passion. Not alone, but iungo!
We are happy to keep you posted on further evolutions and thank you again for your loyalty, your support, and your passion.
Sport with you soon!
Arnaud de Meester
Founder of iungoSport