An interview with Arnaud de Meester

An interview with Arnaud de Meester

During this first week after the official launch of iungoSport, we introduce you to Arnaud de Meester, the founder of iungoSport. A true sportsman with a vision and a passion for sport. Get to know him in this personal interview!

“We’re all champions within our own goals.”

A word with the founder of iungoSport

Passionate sportsman and iungoSport founder, Arnaud De Meester knows what sports is all about. “For me sporting is about sharing that passion with others, and sharing the values of sports like fair-play and respect. It’s a social activity, I like to train with other people and get to know them. But finding a training partner can sometimes be a hassle. So I asked myself: wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for that?”

Find and meet your training partner

“I spoke to many people with various backgrounds and they all liked the idea behind iungoSport. It helps you find and meet people that share your passion, so you can go out together and do the something you all like. Maybe there’s someone in the offices that likes to run too? Or someone who lives right across the street that is also passionate about cycling? No matter the sport you’re in, whether it’s running, cycling, handisport or even clay pigeon shooting. You should find someone who shares your passion. And this goes way beyond social levels or jobtitles.”

Far from home

And what if your miles away from home, and you want to do the sport you like? “I’m away from home a lot for work and, being in a different city or country, I don’t always know where to run or where to swim. With iungoSport I now have a guide that tells me who I should meet and where I can go. That’s just great!”

iungoSport creates a new dynamic

In Latin iungo stands for ‘to connect’, and that is the real essence of this application. It creates a social network for people that have at least one thing in common: passion for sports. “I believe it creates a new dynamic and gives people extra motivation to train. Since most of the sports that we support are the more individual types of sport, you don’t have a team that pulls you in and motivates you to come to the training.”

Goals and ambitions

Arnaud’s goal with iungoSport, is working hard so it finds its way to sports communities and federations, and can become a worldwide success. It’s ambitious, but that’s just who he is. “I hope I can inspire other athletes to pick up their training and go out there and meet new fellow athletes, thanks to our mobile app iungoSport. I believe that in sports, we are all champions of our own goals. I finished six Iron Man and two double Iron Man, but those are my own personal goals. When I exercise, I don’t expect my training partners to have the same goals. We just need to share the same passion and have a great time, doing just that what we like the most. And iungoSport just makes that a lot easier.”